Red box

Similar like The black box  this elegant  box is  designed as an sleeping zone for pets but can be used same time as  a coffee table or nightstand.

The dimensions of the box are 58x45x45 cm , made ​​of melaminboard 18 mm thick and with a total weight of 13 kg . The cushion is filled with foam 10 cm thick and  covered  with cotton fabric , zebra print or white. This elegant box will be a comfortable longlasting  shelter for your pet and same time an accent in your interior .The box is available in  red color.

"Let's make the living space more beautiful, let us create a world in which we live, let us give love, attention, beauty and comfort to our pets."

How to order

For all ordering and shipping questions please fill up our contact form or write to info@robowsky.hr

The product line Robowsky

We believe that you where a number of times thinking about what would be the ideal furniture for your pet, furniture, which at the same time can provide the perfect comfort but also perfectly will fit into your interior. We know it s not an easy choice.

The company Robowsky created a concept , designed and developed a line of modern furniture for pets, for those who wantt to provide to their pets maximum comfort and good design within your home in the best possible way; combining high aesthetic level with functionality.

You no longer need to have a dilemma, Robowsky is the right choice.

The line of modern furniture for pets Robowsky, the minimalist design of black, white and red, the productline with its sophisticated and elegant expression will easily fit in your modern living space.

The first set of Robowsky product line consists of five products, whose pictures with all specifications can be seen below.

We invite you to look at our products, and chose your own Robowsky style.